July 20th, 2013


Poem for Saturday, Body Parts, Breaking Dawn, Birthday

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Friday continued miserably hot with air quality warnings and occasional thunder but almost no rain. I went out briefly with Adam to the bank and the UPS shipping store, but otherwise I stayed in the air conditioning, wrote a review of Deep Space Nine's "Body Parts", and read some Comic-Con coverage (lovely X-Files reunion, but you know how Stephen Colbert has a list of things that are turning him gay, like baby carrots and Clive Owen? My number one thing that is turning me gay is Benedict Cumberbatch *shudder*). I hope someone I know there gets some good pics of Hugh Jackman!

My parents took us and Adam's girlfriend out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory for Adam's birthday on Saturday -- he really wanted cheesecake -- then we came home and, since Daniel was participating in some video game launch event and Adam didn't care what we watched, I subjected him and Pal to Breaking Dawn, Part One, which I wanted to record while it was still free on cable. It's still totally mediocre but I think Kristen Stewart gets way too much blame for that; there are many performances worse than hers. The Orioles won, so yay! Some birthday pics:

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