July 25th, 2013

little review

Greetings from Michigan

We have arrived late at a hotel in Ann Arbor after a lovely evening in Chelsea, Michigan. Earlier in the day we went to an information session and took a tour of Indiana University, which is also quite lovely and did one of the better presentations about the campus and the school's alumni though sadly we did not have time to see the Kinsey collection, then we had lunch with mamadracula at an Indian buffet which we all liked a lot. (I also heartily approve of the name George for the new prince!)

From Bloomington we drove to Chelsea and spent a few hours with Paul's father's youngest sister and her husband, who took us out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant, the Common Grill, and showed us the town, which is preparing for a big arts festival for the next several days. Paul's uncle is the executive director of the chamber of commerce of Chelsea and seemed to know every single person in the town, which has a college vibe, lots of artsy buildings and a famous library.

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