August 8th, 2013

little review

Greetings from Nags Head

Wednesday was a beautiful day in the Outer Banks. We went to the beach to go swimming after breakfast and the water was quite warm, though still rougher than the day we arrived -- I'm not sure whether last night's new moon and high tides had something to do with that. After lunch at the hotel, we went to Manteo to see the Island Farm, a mid-1800s farm and homestead that's now a living history site, where chickens wander around between the sheep and cattle enclosures and reenactors demonstrate all sorts of farm tasks -- we got to help cut wood and play with 19th century toys, plus meet rescued Corolla wild horses who live near the windmill.

When we left the farm, we went to one of the many mini golf courses that seem to be required in beach towns -- we've played mini golf on both sides of the Atlantic near the water -- of course we chose one of the courses with a pirate ship (dinosaurs are the other popular option around here). I came in last, which was not really a surprise. We stopped at a food store because we had run out of salad dressing and got some sangria since North Carolina unlike Maryland sells alcohol in grocery stores. Then we went swimming again before a late dinner and some getting organized since we have to check out by 11 in the morning to head to Charlottesville.

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