August 17th, 2013


Poem for Saturday, Binghamton Zoo, Apocalypse Rising

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I had work to do Friday so it was not a very exciting day. Adam went ice skating and shopping with Maddy after cross country practice, but apart from driving him to the rink, I mostly stayed inside to finish a review of Deep Space Nine's "Apocalypse Rising" and various other work. I did sneak out for a walk since the weather was yet again gorgeous, relatively cool and clear, and there were lots of happy bunnies and squirrels, plus several deer in my parents' neighborhood.

We saw the deer both coming to and going from dinner, then came home so younger son could watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in Mandarin because part of his summer Chinese homework is to watch several Chinese movies and write summaries (I've never seeing House of Flying Daggers so I'm hoping that will be on the list). We saw the end of the Patriots-Bucs game, since both the Orioles and Nationals are currently not worth watching. Some pics from the Binghamton Zoo last month:

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