August 21st, 2013


Poem for Wednesday and Island Farm

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It was a pretty quiet Tuesday around here unless you want to hear about essays and laundry and stuff. Daniel went out to lunch with my father; Adam had to do a mandatory concussion screening before he went to cross country practice. Our neighborhood sidewalks are being replaced, meaning the jackhammering starts before 9 a.m., so for a change I was glad it was hot and I had an excuse to rely on air conditioning instead of having the windows open. Though I was worried about the bunnies with all the concrete dust in the air, I saw four of them in the late afternoon in their usual neighborhood spots.

Daniel has been offered a second teaching assistant position for next year, this one teaching engineering, which is awesome news. We watched the Mandarin-with-subtitles version of House of Flying Daggers after dinner since Adam needed to watch it for Chinese summer homework; the cinematography is gorgeous, as are the costumes and choreography, but it's not a happy story (lots of interesting women but also lots of stereotypical roles) and there are some enormous plot questions left unanswered as the credits roll. Some Roanoke Island Farm animals, including rescued wild horses from Corolla:

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