August 30th, 2013

little review

Poem for Friday, Back to School, Dolphin

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Adam is reading that poem in AP English Lit class which is why you get to read it tonight -- we had Back To School Night this evening so we got to hear about the class discussion about it, among other things he's learning. I learned things like the fact that non-Chinese parents get very irritated when informed that native speakers/kids who've been sent to Chinese school since they were very young do better on the Chinese AP exam than kids who only started learning Chinese in middle school, and parents are as likely to snicker when the AP Psych teacher says "penis envy" as students. Son has even numbers of male and female teachers, which I like.

I don't have much news since my day was compacted to make time for getting to Back To School Night, which I enjoyed more than usual, partly because the teachers all seem very smart and didn't waste time explaining how to use Edline but partly because this will be the last one we attend. We ran into a couple of old friends in the hallways but didn't really have time for conversation. I am suppressing all anger about Syria, Russia, and teenage rape victims, anyway. The stories about Fox trying to turn Les Miserables into a soap opera made me snicker, but only TheMarySue made me laugh aloud! Some more dolphin cruise photos:

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