September 8th, 2013

green little review

Poem for Sunday and Washingtonian Lake

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We had magnificent weather on Saturday, a bit warm in the afternoon but beautiful in the morning and evening, perfect open-window temperatures with the crickets chirping. Adam, who is now one of the captains of his cross country team, had practice in the morning, so we waited for him for lunch, then went out to Kohl's and Target to take care of some necessary shopping (Kohl's owed me a rebate, Target is getting the very beginnings of Halloween merchandise, we stocked up on Clif bars). Since we were there and it was so pretty out, we took a walk around Washingtonian Lake and watched pirate and bird boats, geese, ducks, and a heron (phone pics):

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We got home in time for me to see several bunnies and for all of us to watch nearly all of the Maryland game, in which the Terps beat Old Dominion 47-10 (Os and Nats won, too). Adam went to a friend's birthday party with his girlfriend in the evening, so Paul made cutlets in tarragon wine sauce for us, then we watched this week's The White Queen in which I continue to hate Margaret Beaufort, love Margaret of Anjou, and think Elizabeth's mother may be my favorite character (and there's no point in rooting against Henry Tudor, is there?). Then we watched the Michigan-Notre Dame game, which Michigan decided to keep exciting for awhile before they retook control.