September 17th, 2013

little review

Poem for Tuesday, Homestead Farm, Sleepy Hollow

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Yet again I spent half a day doing half-assed work while watching an American horror story unfold on the news -- this time much closer to home. I am very sick of this (literally sick, nauseated) and completely disgusted by the already shallow people obsessed with Miss America being obsessed with the fact that her ancestors are from India -- by this logic, shouldn't the Miss America title be limited to women descended from Native Americans?

Adam had a cross country meet that went well -- he's having a busy week, he has lots of paperwork to complete and is going to a concert Friday night. We liked the first episode of Sleepy Hollow, which we interrupted Monday Night Football to watch (the Nationals game was canceled due to the situation downtown, as the news obsessively reminded us). Let's all have a better day tomorrow. Here are some pics from Homestead Farm last Saturday:

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