September 23rd, 2013

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Poem for Monday and Autumn Farm

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I usually like to celebrate the first day of fall, but I figured I would take it easy on Sunday since this cold does not want to go away. It was Adam's first day working at Hebrew school for the season, so I slept late, did some reading, organized some photos, and enjoyed the weather which was warm but not hot (I would like the leaves to turn as slowly as possible so I can enjoy them). Then we watched sports for much of the afternoon; the Ravens looked good, the Redskins did not, the Nationals split their double-header and let the Braves clinch, the Orioles concluded a weekend-long sabotage of their own postseason chances. Daniel told us that he needed his suit for an interview next week, so we drove it to College Park and picked up DP Dough for us all to have for dinner there.

Despite liking NPH, I'm not sure why I watch the Emmys, considering that I don't watch any of the shows that have dominated for the past several years. So my personal highlights were small things: Stephen Colbert picking up a pair of Emmys and immediately thanking Jon Stewart for each, Nathan Fillion singing the Emmys' lame equivalent of Spamalot's "The Song That Goes Like This," Burstyn thanking Political Animals for creating a woman over 65 "who still had a lot of juice," and Michael Douglas offering Matt Damon half his Emmy for playing his lover: "Do you want the bottom or the top?" I will never understand how Cory Monteith warranted a personal tribute while Larry Hagman and Jack Klugman did not, but whatever. Here are some Homestead Farm pics for the Autumnal Equinox:

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