October 12th, 2013


Poem for Saturday and College Park Awards

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It was yet another miserable rainy day from before dawn till after dusk, but I had a lovely Friday anyway. I got up early to take a photo of Adam wearing a Winston Churchill polka-dot bow tie for spirit day at Winston Churchill High School -- the Homecoming football game was in the evening, though it rained so hard that he and Maddy decided to go out to dinner instead. Later in the morning I finished up a review of Deep Space Nine's "The Ascent", then I got dressed and we went to College Park to pick up Daniel for the 3:30 reception for College Park Scholars award winners.

It was a really nice ceremony -- first they fed us mini quiches and brownies, then they gave awards to the top students out of the many hundreds who participate in the 11 College Park Scholars programs, one of whom is a current roommate and another of whom is a friend from high school (Montgomery County public schools were very well represented). Then Daniel had to work in a lab during a tour for Family Weekend, so Paul and I walked around in the drizzle, visited the engineering school open house, and met several of Daniel's teachers, all of whom spoke very warmly about him. A few photos:

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When we got home after terrible Beltway traffic (not caused by the rumored trucker protest, since very few people showed up, only by the bad weather and some terrible driving that caused several accidents), we retrieved Adam from Maddy's house and watched the season premiere of Arrow that we'd missed on Wednesday. It was okay...without John Barrowman I don't feel a lot of attachment to the storylines and the acting really feels a level below some other shows we watch, but I guess we will see how the season goes.