October 18th, 2013

get critical

Poem for Friday and A Paca Fun Farm

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I am very happy for everyone who got to go back to work on Thursday and got to visit government services and national parks! I only got to visit the National Zoo's panda cam from my computer, but even that was nice. I had work to get done in the morning because Adam's girlfriend came over after school while he was still at cross country -- we chatted about colleges and her internship on Capitol Hill and stuff -- and tomorrow there is no school for teacher's meetings so we may all go to a park in the afternoon before dinner.

Thursday is a busy TV night until we get sick of some of the shows. We skipped The Crazy Ones to watch the premiere of Reign, which may rival Merlin for historical absurdity except there's not supposed to be magic; we watched Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, whose dialogue Adam mocked with good reason, and Elementary, the only really good show of the bunch (not my favorite episode this week but still way above everything else since Monday night). Some residents of A Paca Fun Farm from last weekend:

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