October 22nd, 2013


Poem for Tuesday and Caprikorn Goats

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I am loving this autumn weather -- today it was low 60s, clear, sunny, gorgeous. I threw in laundries and went out to do chores at local stores, where I was horrified to discover that Halloween merchandise is already being pulled to put Christmas stuff on the shelves. I could understand if it was Chanukah stuff, given that Chanukah this year arrives on Thanksgiving so we have to do our shopping long before Black Friday, but as much as I like North Pole penguins entertaining Santa...okay, never mind, there is too much Christmas merchandise, period. And I love Halloween; I love having a fall celebration of the imagination.

Adam is pretty much finished with all his early applications and got a high school captain's lanyard since he is now a captain of the cross country team, plus my parents got him some ultra-slim fit shirts while outlet shopping over the weekend, so he had a very good day. Mine was not very eventful apart from the chores and enjoying the weather -- I can't tell if we have fewer bunnies or they are just harder to spot among the leaves. Since Sleepy Hollow was a rerun, we watched Beauty and the Beast, which was much better than last week's. Here are some pictures of us having fun with Caprikorn Farm's goats:

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