October 24th, 2013


Poem for Thursday and National Honor Society

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I had a very nice Wednesday except that a good friend is dealing with a terrifying situation and I have been worried about her entire family. Paul worked from home because we knew we had a bunch of things to do involving Adam, though dropping off Adam's forgotten lunch yet again was not initially on the list. I half-watched the comings and goings from the royal christening while working on various projects on the computer, had lunch with Paul, and took an early walk in the cooler but still gorgeous fall weather.

We had dinner early because in the evening, Adam was inducted into the National Honor Society. He has done a lot of work for this (not just grades but five recommendations and a lot of letters concerning volunteer work and extracurricular activities are required) -- I did not realize that only 17 students out of the entire school had been admitted. My mom came with us and it was a lovely ceremony, mostly involving student speeches about the pillars of the National Honor Society (leadership, scholarship, service and character).

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And after the ceremony there were dessert trays. When we came home we watched Nashville though I was hardly paying attention since various scary things were happening elsewhere. Now I am watching a terrifying North Carolina Republican racist on The Daily Show which is doing nothing to make me feel better before bed. Krauthammer won't help.