November 14th, 2013


Poem for Thursday and Cross Country Celebration

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Quickie because I have spent the evening at an enjoyable but verrrry long cross country banquet at Adam's high school (ostensibly potluck, but we were all required to pay for Chick-fil-a, which pisses me off not only as a vegetarian but because I loathe giving money to religious fanatics who donate it to anti-gay organizations -- yes, I complained to the organizers). I ate way too many carbs (various noodle dishes, bread, fruit, and desserts were about all I could eat) but it was nice to see Adam get a second varsity letter, a captain's pin, and part of the team spirit award.

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Otherwise, my day involved rushing through work, chores, and a walk in the beautiful chilly woods so that I had time to fold laundry very slowly while watching Man of Steel on DVD, though I didn't have time for the extras. There's still too much Jesus imagery/religious parallels, but I love Amy Adams' Lois Lane and I adore Russell Crowe's Jor-El and Michael Shannon's Zod, so Superman just kind of slides by and I sorted photos for our annual calendar during all the disaster porn. We got home in time for Nashville (not enough Rayna) and to stop the cats from starving!