November 19th, 2013

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Poem for Tuesday, Huntley Meadows, Doctor Who

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Just so you're warned, you might hear quite a bit about Doctor Who in this journal this week (no spoilers, but if you haven't watched the mini-episode on the BBC or BBC America web site, go watch it!). Paul worked from home on Monday so we got to have lunch together and watch the NASA launch of the Maven Mars probe. The weather was quite lovely, nearly 70 degrees, so I took a long walk and chatted with neighbors, and by the time I got home and showered, the Eighth Doctor special and movie were on.

I know that hating on the Eighth Doctor movie is a popular sport, but I adore Paul McGann and I don't lose a lot of sleep over canonical contradictions, plus Eleven has made me numb to over-the-top-ness, so I have no shame about adoring it. Adam had an alumni interview for Cornell right after dinner, so we had a bit of up-and-down for that, then we watched this week's terrific Beauty and the Beast before the Doctor Who science special with Brian Cox. Here are some more photos from the wetlands on Saturday:

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