November 20th, 2013

get critical

Poem for Wednesday, Great Falls, Sleepy Hollow

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Apart from gorgeous weather, chores, and ridiculous conversations with people about Doctor Who and Man of Steel, I have little worth reporting from my Tuesday. I walked and walked and didn't even see any deer or bunnies, though I did see the beautiful moon and lots of still-colorful leaves in trees the squirrels raced up when they saw me. I ran late on laundry but it IS going to get folded and sorted for winter tomorrow.

We watched Agents of SHIELD, which needs actual guest appearances by Avengers rather than just mentions (though I would love to see the Asgardian god of cleaning up after yourself), then we caught up on Once Upon a Time, which remains very meh this season, and Sleepy Hollow, which remains awesome and has the best sly commentary on gender and race relations I've seen on TV in ages. A few more Great Falls photos:

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