November 24th, 2013

get critical

Poem for Sunday, Day of the Doctor, Glass Birds

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Adam was out nearly all day at the Battle of the Potomac cross country race (Maryland vs Virginia vs West Virginia vs DC) -- he couldn't run, but he went to cheer on his friends and eat lunch with them, then he came home exhausted and went to bed before 9. I spent pretty much all day working on our annual photo calendar, which had to be completed and ordered before my two Shutterfly coupons/discounts expired, with a long break in the afternoon for The Day of the Doctor and the pre-show and post-airing chatter plus a few minutes of the miserable Maryland game. Collapse ) I did work in a walk in the chilly evening air and we all had dinner together, but that's about all the news from here! Here is one more Art of Fire pic: