December 1st, 2013

get critical

Poem for Sunday, Great Falls, Equilibrium

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Adam had his first in-car driving lesson early Saturday morning, so I didn't sleep as late as I wanted to, but it was a pretty low-key morning. After lunch when Daniel was finally awake, we went to Great Falls, Virginia, where we hiked a bit on the rocks along the Potomac and walked back on the path through the trees. It was chilly but very pretty outside; we saw lots of people walking dogs, but no waterfowl, though there were a couple of kayakers and we could see visitors across the river on the Maryland side.

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Maryland beat NC State for the last time in the ACC, which was lovely, and the Auburn-Alabama game ended quite delightfully (since Florida State humiliated the Terps, I am rooting for them to wind up #1, so that at least Maryland will have lost to the top team). Daniel went to his high school's robotics team reunion dinner while the rest of us had pizza; then we watched Equilibrium with dementordelta even though she was in Richmond, chatting all the while online. And I got Anjelica Huston's memoir for Chanukah!