December 3rd, 2013


Poem for Tuesday and International Spy Museum

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I'm sure something worth reporting happened on Monday but I'm distracted right now watching Ian McKellen on The Daily Show so I can't remember what. I know there was some work and some laundry and some looking up tablets that I might get with my Chanukah and birthday money -- I did not spend any money for Cyber Monday, does that mean I am bad for the American economy? We lit six candles but we've given each other our presents already; Rosie is feeling better, which is a good present!

I did spend $3 on Black Friday because having owned Dan Brown's Inferno for months, I haven't wanted to lug the book around to read, that's how Kindle-converted I am, so when the eBook got super-cheap, I bought it. I'm not at all enthralled but I figure, hey, I read Les Mis this year, I am entitled to some pure junk reading. We watched Almost Human, which I am enjoying, and Monday Night Football, which was lopsided in the Seahawks' favor. Some more Spy Museum pics:

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