December 7th, 2013


Poem for Saturday, Brookside, Doctor Bashir I Presume

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It poured all day Friday, and it was chilly and generally gloomy. Between the dark and having two cats sleeping on me, I had trouble getting out of bed. I wouldn't be so annoyed about the weather now if we didn't have a snowstorm looming that is going to ruin my birthday weekend, when we were planning to go to Richmond to art museums and holiday lights; right now it looks like travel on Sunday is going to be impossible, sigh. I spent the productive part of the morning finishing a review of Deep Space Nine's superb "Doctor Bashir, I Presume", then I picked Adam up from school so he didn't have to walk in the pouring rain. He wanted to go to the bank to deposit some checks and upgrade his savings account, so we did that, then we went to the food store to get Nutella in case we get snowed in, lest he should be deprived for a few days.

After dinner we went to Best Buy to look at tablets and transformer books though I'm not sure that even with birthday and holiday money I'll be able to afford the one I want and may have to wait either till the Galaxy Tab Lite comes out or till my anniversary, whichever comes first. In happier news, Adam was admitted to the University of Wisconsin -- the first of what we hope will be several acceptances this month. When we came home, we realized that we had never watched last week's Nikita, so instead of watching this week's out of order, I subjected my husband to my new bargain copy of Real Steel, which remains very entertaining despite a really silly script -- action movies are all about the performances to me -- and has two fun making-of featurettes and a blooper reel. Sunny summer and fall flower pics from Brookside:

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