December 11th, 2013


Poem for Wednesday and December Snow

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I know I owe many comments and e-mails but I just could not cope on Tuesday. Adam had a 9 a.m. appointment with a neurologist that took weeks to get, so there was no way I was going to cancel even though it was snowing hard enough before dawn that school was canceled and it kept coming down for several hours. Paul's company encouraged people to work from home, so since I hate driving in snow, he drove us to the medical center and did a conference on his mobile in the lobby while I discussed Adam's symptoms (doctor's conclusion is that he needs to stay off the indoor track team and not do weightlifting, since it sounds like he did have a concussion and is taking a while to heal, hence the headaches). We stopped at Krispy Kreme to cheer him up afterward.

My birthday is today and I am totally not in the mood for it, though I have decided that all the crap of this fall should end as soon as I cross that spot in the zodiac tomorrow morning or whatever astrological shift should occur. Adam and I watched The Hobbit to get ready for next weekend, then we all went to Best Buy to look at tablets and convertible laptops -- I'm pretty sure I'm getting an Asus Transformer Book with my birthday/Chanukah/Christmas money -- and had dinner plus birthday cake with my parents since my father's busy tomorrow night (and it took till now for us to exchange our last Chanukah presents). Then we came home for Agents of SHIELD and Monday's Sleepy Hollow -- as usual I liked the latter better than the former. A few snow and ice pics:

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