December 12th, 2013

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Poem for Thursday and Birthday

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I had a nice, pretty low-key birthday involving obscene amounts of food and some nice presents (principally the Asus Transformer Book and Brick Shakespeare: The Tragedies plus several other books). Adam made me a card and said he'd owe me a present; Paul said he'd owe me a card because he wasn't up for drawing one given the week we've had, which I totally understand...I wasn't really in the mood for a birthday, though Facebook does make birthdays pretty enjoyable.

Our internet was out in the morning, so I went back to sleep till about 9:30 before even trying to get anything done; it came back around 10 and Paul came home to take me to lunch, then worked from here for the rest of the day. We went to La Madeleine for tomato soup, spinach quiche, and their awesome bread and jam, then did a little bit of shopping and came home until Adam was out of school. Since he can't bike, I picked him up and dragged him to the mall to get a bag for my new computer toy.

Over the weekend, Daniel thought he was going to be too busy to celebrate my birthday with me, but since he had no classes on Tuesday due to snow, he finished his big paper. So we went to College Park along with my mother to pick him up and went to the Silver Diner there (I had eggs benedict and a chocolate milkshake even though I was still full from lunch). Then we came home for Nashville. Here are some photos of the too-much-food I've had over the past couple of days, will try to catch up on pics and mail soon.

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