December 13th, 2013

little review

Poem for Friday and Montgomery Potters

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Right, I don't have the energy tonight to pretend I want to be cheerfully blogging or having a happy birthday or anything else. I spent nearly the entire day fighting with my birthday present anyway -- now I know why so many people despise Windows 8 so much -- I am trying to decide which will be more trouble, trying to make an Android tablet do everything I want it to do without a built-in keyboard or any version of Windows at all, or trying to make this ASUS function without being able to boot into safe mode when ASUS's own software updates cause critical failures requiring a reset to factory specs.

I miss my cat and I have to decide by tomorrow whether we want to bury her remains or put her in an urn or what. I owe at least 40 replies to various blog comments and a pile of e-mail and thank you notes and it probably won't happen tomorrow because I have to write a review I haven't even started yet. I don't have it in me to congratulate Congress for, um, doing their jobs (and I haven't seen how much is getting slashed even if the conservatives are ranting). And asshat judges in Australia and India have overturned gay marriage and made gay sex a crime again. A few pics from the Montgomery Potters' show:

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