December 22nd, 2013


Poem for Sunday and Warm Winter Canal

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The winter solstice arrived in my region with temperatures in the 70s and gorgeous sunshine. Daniel slept till noon and Adam went to help the neighbor clean up his house for his holiday party in the morning, but in the afternoon we went to the C&O Canal to walk along the Potomac River. We saw squirrels, turkey vultures, songbirds, a heron, ducks, even a couple of turtles who came up to sun themselves on fallen trees in the canal:

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We had dinner plans with vertigo66 and her family, whom we met at Tara Thai with all four of our kids. We ate so well we decided to go take a walk around Washingtonian Lake. Then we came home and all watched Broken City, which has some flaws in the screenplay but is a lot better than its reviews (Russell Crowe is highly enjoyable in it). Afterward, Adam stopped by the neighbor's party and the rest of us watched Graham Norton.