February 5th, 2014

get critical

Poem for Wednesday, Silver Stallion, Fort Washington Deer

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Uneventful Tuesday. Overcast but lovely weather, mid-30s (now we're getting sleet and we're under a winter weather warning). Got laundry folded. Got article finished. Watched the making of the Super Bowl Jaguar ad with Hiddleston et al directed by Tom Hooper. Also watched the Cumberbatch Sesame Street spot with the Count. Checked up on the DC snowy owl (improving).

Had squash and beans for dinner. Urged cats off heating vents (current score: Cats 36, Me 11). Watched Agents of SHIELD, lots of violence, a couple of plot holes that hopefully will be patched in the sequel. Then watched The Silver Stallion with dementordelta, not enough Russell Crowe. Some of the many deer at Fort Washington:

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