February 13th, 2014


Poem for Thursday and Winter Everywhere

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It is snowing. That is all the news from here, and has been all day -- we received hourly warnings that it was coming, then things started declaring that they will be closed on Thursday -- Adam's high school, Daniel's college campus, the county government, the federal government, online shopping guaranteed delivery for Valentine's Day, etc. My parents were driving home from New York, outracing the storm after lunch with my uncle, and fortunately got here by dinnertime. Here are a couple of photos of the ducks and seagulls avoiding the ice at Washingtonian Lake yesterday, plus one of the bunnies who came out earlier in the week to get in some grass munching before new snow:

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Otherwise, my Wednesday involved some writing and some photo-sorting (I am trying to tag the years on all my Flickr photos set-by-set), picking Adam up from track practice, and telling Daisy to stop sleeping on the vent. I didn't watch the pairs skating till evening, at which point I was spoiled for the results and mostly worried they wouldn't show the Chinese couple skating to Les Miserables because they didn't win a medal. As it happened, I not only got to see the Les Mis routine, but Stephen Colbert declaring in his new position as First Lady of France (a title he granted himself since he was seated next to Hollande at the state dinner) that he will bring Jean Valjean to justice.