March 6th, 2014

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Botanic Garden Fountains

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Wednesday was pretty uneventful -- work, chores, laundry, an argument with over a return they said I should have to pay for when it was their error, all to the soundtrack of icicles crashing from the roof to the deck, scaring the squirrels outside and the cats inside. I am not complaining; I am hoping that when the snow finally melts, perhaps by the time Daylight Savings arrives next weekend, perhaps spring will arrive.

We caught up on Dallas, or I caught up -- I'm the only one who cares -- but the show is still huge fun, especially now that Mitch Pileggi is a regular and Judith Light is back. Then we watched The Americans, which continues to be excellent. In good news, the National Zoo has four more lion cubs, and the Pope celebrated Ash Wednesday by supporting civil unions for same sex couples. The water features at the US Botanic Garden's Orchid Symphony display:

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