March 8th, 2014


Poem for Saturday, Rocks and Shoals, Photo Show

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I had a busy but very nice Friday, starting with finishing work early so I could run out to get Catching Fire on Blu-Ray (at Target, since theirs had the most tempting extras). I also stopped at AC Moore for split rings and at Bagel City for bagels and spreads, which Paul and I then ate for lunch since he was working from home so we could go to College Park to retrieve Daniel later in the afternoon.

Adam was going to a birthday party in the evening, so we picked him up from track practice and everyone looked at his art show currently on display in the front hallway at his school. We took him to the party, then the rest of us had dinner with my parents before coming home and watching Capote which is depressing but superbly acted. And I posted a review of DS9's "Rocks and Shoals", about which I could say the same!

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