March 17th, 2014


Poem for Monday and Ellicott City

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Guess what? It's snowing. It's not like we weren't warned -- we had a winter weather advisory all weekend, a winter storm warning all day -- but it's St. Patrick's Day, nearly the vernal equinox, and I am really ready for this winter to be over. (Adam, however, is pleased, and hoping school will be canceled on Monday, since snow days don't affect seniors -- their school year ends with graduation whether it has to be extended for everyone else or not.)

Sunday was Jewish Halloween a.k.a. Purim -- don't lecture me about not calling it that, our synagogue had a freakin' luau theme this year so even they're not pretending it's not a big appropriated pagan festival. After Adam worked the pre-carnival shift, we went to Ellicott City to meet Paul's parents to do a bit of sightseeing and have dinner. The weather and some closings changed our plans somewhat but it was still a nice afternoon and Mexican dinner:

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Everyone who cares already knows that Maryland did not get into the NCAA or even the NIT tournament, though that wasn't a surprise; among other local schools, AU and GW both got invitations to the NCAA tournament and Georgetown was relegated to the NIT, but the big talking point is Virginia's #1 seed despite having lost to the Terps recently. We got home in time for Once Upon a Time (still rooting for the bad guys) and Cosmos (yaaay)!