March 23rd, 2014


Poem for Sunday and Mount Vernon Lambs

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We had a beautiful Saturday, over 70 degrees, so I am cautiously optimistic that spring has arrived, though we are still being threatened with flurries on Tuesday. Even though it's too early for many flowers or baby animals, we decided to go to Mount Vernon, which entailed a lovely drive down the George Washington Parkway which is lined with forsythia and daffodils that are starting to emerge. Mount Vernon was very crowded with spring break school groups, so we didn't take the house tour, but there are some flowers in the formal gardens. The big pregnant pig doesn't have piglets yet, but there are many lambs in the upper field with their mothers, and the chickens and cows are out, too:

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Paul's birthday is Monday, but Daniel will be back at school by then since his spring break ends Sunday. So we went to the Silver Diner, since they have lots of veggie stuff Adam and I like and also steak which Daniel likes, plus roast turkey which the birthday boy likes, and we all got dessert since his was free. Adam had plans to go out with friends in the evening and Daniel had some homework to finish, so the rest of us watched basketball -- Adam is in a pool at school so most of our rooting for teams at this point has to do with brackets, not deeply held loyalties, though I might secretly be rooting for Villanova right now against UConn for all the good it will do!