April 7th, 2014

little review

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I spent most of Sunday in the Brandywine Valley with apaulled and dementordelta, where we had magnificent weather and got to see flowers -- the March Bank at Winterthur is turning blue and Longwood Gardens has a conservatory full of color. We also went to see the Costumes of Downton Abbey exhibit at Winterthur, which is delightful (the show has never aimed for perfect period-correctness in costuming or anything else, but for fans there are a lot of fun things to see, including lots of video clips and connections with things that the du Ponts collected).

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We stopped for dinner at the Maryland House, where we had Curritos Burritos (ridiculously long wait to be served, but tons of quite good food for the money), then drove past the sunset around Baltimore in time to see this week's Cosmos. Then we watched Sharpe's Eagle, which has more accurate costumes than Downton Abbey and also Sean Bean. Congrats to UConn's women, condolences to my Lady Terps who still had a great season. More tomorrow!