April 11th, 2014


Poem for Friday and Mount Vernon Lambs

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I finished all my work in the morning and spent the entire afternoon making jewelry -- long story short, I wanted something spring-y and cherry blossom-y, but everything I found was either too expensive, too fancy, or just not me, so I ordered some lucite flower beads from Etsy and bought some chain from Michael's. Adam came home early to work on a Very Important Project that I can't discuss until after he presents it at school tomorrow, and we all went for walks since the weather was completely magnificent -- even the bunnies thought so, they are back on our cul-de-sac.

We watched The Crazy Ones to see Pam Dawber and Robin Williams reunite -- I adored Mork and Mindy back in the day -- and this week's excellent Elementary, which had both a good mystery and a good Sherlock story, plus great guest stars. Now we are watching Comedy Central, which is an exercise in nostalgia all of a sudden now that we know Colbert is leaving to take over for Letterman -- I am happy for him, it's a step up, but I assume we're losing the character who parodies the news nightly in favor of something more corporate-friendly. Some Mount Vernon lambs:

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