April 13th, 2014

get critical

Poem for Sunday and Green Spring Gardens

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I know I keep making excuses for quick entries but I must do it again -- I have both kids here and we all just watched Pacific Rim with Adam's prom date (she and I agreed the men are hot and we liked the fierce girl but although Adam thought there was too much plot for a movie that's supposed to be all about giant robots fighting aliens, I could have done with more character development and less stuff blowing up).

Both kids wanted to sleep late, so I did chores and stuff in the morning, then Paul made pancakes and eggs for everyone and we went to Green Spring Gardens near Alexandria. The cherry blossoms and magnolias were in full bloom, there were still lots of daffodils and the first tulips, and we saw many turtles, a couple of ducks and geese, and a hawk, plus the orchids and tropical plants in the greenhouse:

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