April 20th, 2014

get critical

Poem for Sunday, Brookside Gardens, Ghost Rider, Ten Commandments

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We're watching The Ten Commandments, though I have to confess that since the first time I saw Prince of Egypt, the kids' animated musical which humanizes the characters so much more effectively, seeing Charlton Heston triumph over the far more interesting Yul Brynner has not done much for me. It's after 11:30 and they've only just gotten to the Golden Calf. We missed the beginning because we were watching Ghost Rider since Adam wanted to see Nic Cage as a superhero; I have never seen it before and it is pretty cracked, though fairly entertaining.

Earlier, while Adam was out with his friends having lunch and shopping for prom clothes, we stopped at Petco for kitty litter and went to Brookside Gardens. A lot of Wheaton Regional Park is under construction, including the Japanese garden and the visitor center, but there is lots in bloom, including daffodils along the woods path, tulips all through the lower gardens, and many flowers in the greenhouse. We saw geese building a nest, several species of turtles, a few frogs, robins, squirrels, songbirds, and a bunny moving in and out of the daffodils.

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Happy Easter if you celebrate!