April 23rd, 2014

get critical

Poem for Wednesday and Hillwood Faberge Festival

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This is my week to do health-related running around, and today that meant having my annual physical (blood pressure fine, no major concerns, tomorrow I have to go have blood work since they failed to tell me to do so beforehand so my doctor can call me if there's anything weird in it). Then I went to pick up my new reading glasses, which are awesome -- they're bifocals, the big lens prescribed for using the computer, the smaller one for reading books/Kindle/phone screen -- now I need to save up so I can get another pair of bifocals that I can wear everywhere and see my phone screen better while I'm out.

We had some rain late in the afternoon, but the temperature was beautiful all day and there are flowers everywhere (of course there is also pollen everywhere, but I am so glad it's spring that I am doing my best to ignore it). In the evening we watched this week's Agents of SHIELD, whose problems with female characters continue though Collapse ) Then we caught up on Warehouse 13 which I am glad is back, albeit briefly! Here are some photos from Hillwood's Faberge Egg Festival, which includes egg-rolling, reenacting of Russian children's games, and dances:

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