April 25th, 2014


Poem for Friday and School Winding Down

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I did lots of unexciting running around on Thursday. I had a morning dentist appointment, and I was going to dye my hair first, but someone who shall remain nameless texted to say that he had forgotten his lunch, so instead I ran over to the high school to leave it in the office for him. (It was, at least, a pretty drive, since the crabapple trees along the school's street are in full bloom.) I had my dentist appointment in the new office with a new hygienist who went to the same high school I did, came home for lunch, took a walk, and sorted my dresser and gathered a big bag of stuff to donate.

We ate a quick dinner, dropped off Adam to see Shatner's World with friends, and went to the high school's meeting for parents of graduating seniors to warn us of Things Our Kids Had Better Remember To Do, like attending first period before the senior breakfast, completing volunteer hours before the senior banquet, swear off drugs and alcohol before the senior prom, and going to the mandatory rehearsal before graduation. The art teachers were setting up the end-of-year art show -- photos below -- so I stuck my head in to see what the fashion class had done. Then we came home to catch up on Wednesday's Nashville concert and tonight's Elementary.

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