May 1st, 2014


Poem for Thursday and High School Arts Festival

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Since Mother Nature decided we had not had enough pouring rain on Monday and Tuesday, we got thundering downpours for much of Wednesday. My original plan was to stay in and not drive anywhere until I absolutely had to, but my mother asked if I wanted to meet her at the mall for lunch and since we were out of pretty much everything on account of not wanting to go out to the food store in the pouring rain earlier in the week, I did meet her and got samosa chaat at the Indian place. There was a woman at the table next to us wearing the movie spoiler shirt, which I complimented, and in the course of conversation we ended up in a four-table discussion about life in Brooklyn among five people who had never met before. Brooklyn is awesome like that for meeting people, as are movie spoiler shirts.

Adam was supposed to have a track meet on Wednesday, but it got postponed till Thursday because a significant number of roads in the county were expected to be flooded, like the one between the mall and my house that couldn't be traversed. Instead he came home early to get ready for the school arts celebration in the evening, which we attended with him thinking we would just be staying for a few minutes to admire his photography, but they had rugelach and cookies as well as a silent auction. Then Adam decided that he wanted to check in on the choral concert taking place afterward to see his girlfriend and his oldest friend, and we ended up staying for the whole thing (they did an a cappella version of Toto's "Africa" and a performance of Lorde's "Royals" that was more in tune than hers is):

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We got home in time for The 100 (which continues to be quite good -- I am sad that Almost Human has officially been canceled, but I am hoping this one will survive into next season) and The Americans (which continues to be nail-biting and I probably should not watch it so near to bedtime). Adam's friend Daniel came over to discuss the concert and naughty internet jokes; I am hoping he continues to visit next year while Adam is at college, since he is my major source of What The Young People Are Watching These Days. I have to get up very early on Thursday for an award ceremony at the high school, then in the evening is the senior banquet, so it is a busy pre-graduation week though graduation is still weeks away!