May 12th, 2014


Poem for Monday and Mother's Day

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I did not get to sleep very late on Mother's Day -- my cats had other plans -- but I had a fairly quiet morning after getting up to say goodbye to Adam before he went off to teach Hebrew school with my mother. When they were finished, they came over here along with my father and Paul's parents, and Paul made eggs benedict and French toast for all of us. Then we went to Glen Echo to see an art show in which a neighbor had photos, and from there we went to Brookside Gardens, which were a bit crowded with other people celebrating mother's day but had lots of azaleas, tulips, and turtles:

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My father went to the University of Maryland to pick Daniel up from a meeting at the engineering school, and the rest of us met them at Mamma Lucia in College Park. I ate some bread, forgot how big the portions are, and brought home half of my very good ravioli alfredo. Eventually we took Daniel back to his apartment and came home, where Adam went to work on building a steadicam and Paul and I watched Cosmos, then PBS's not-brand-new but terrific special on the British monarchy, Our Queen. Not a great day for the Orioles or Nationals, but hope everyone else had a happy Mother's Day!