May 19th, 2014

green little review

Poem for Monday and Virginia Renaissance Faire

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Another quick post as we spent most of the day at the Virginia Renaissance Faire, plus driving to and from the Faire and having dinner in Fredericksburg with Cheryl and Lin, whom we met at the winery where the Faire is held (no kids accompanied us this year; Adam had his last day of being an aide at Hebrew school, then had lunch with my parents and went to film a movie for school with friends, while Daniel is finishing up his junior year of college).

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We got home before Adam, who was still out filming and having dinner with his friends, though we hit traffic in both directions and only discovered while watching the news that Tysons Corner had an explosive go off in a movie theater, which might have explained some of the craziness in that area. We watched Cosmos with Adam, at which point we already knew the Nats had won and the Os had lost. On Monday we have our last-ever track banquet at the high school.