May 20th, 2014


Poem for Tuesday and School Track Banquet

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Another quickie because we were out till 10 p.m. at the outdoor track banquet, the last high school sports banquet I am likely to attend, well, ever. So although the speeches were as usual mostly too long and potluck was as usual not my very favorite foods, it was pleasantly nostalgic. Adam got another varsity letter button, a team captain pin, and a scholar-athlete certificate because he's had straight As while participating on the team, plus he got cookies, school sunglasses, and an award for being part of a trio of senior airheads:

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Otherwise my day involved a trip to Michael's for inexpensive stopper beads, a walk to see the bunnies (for several days I have only seen one of the babies, which worries me, though I have seen the mom in several different places), leftover Mexican food from Sunday for lunch, and a cat stealing and chasing a twisty tie all over the house. Plus I had to attempt to decrypt Hugh Jackman's latest cryptic tweets about naughty things he's been doing. Will have to catch up on Warehouse 13 on Tuesday, and the Nats are in the 15th inning!