May 22nd, 2014

get critical

Poem for Thursday, Pompeii, Green Spring Gardens Turtles

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Wednesday was Daniel's last day of his junior year of college; he took his last exam in the morning and we picked him up in the afternoon, though he is only home for a few days before he's going back to College Park for a job in a campus lab. Meanwhile Adam has his last day of high school on Thursday, so he got to go in late on Wednesday since he only had two classes he needed to attend.

Paul worked from home so I had family members around for all the meals, and in the evening we all got to watch a movie together -- Pompeii, which is pretty much as bad as you have heard, but hey, bad Gladiator ripoff with a volcano! I know I had other things to say but Hugh Jackman is about to be on The Tonight Show riding scooters with Fallon, so here are Green Spring Garden turtles from last month:

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