May 24th, 2014


Poem for Saturday, Longwood Flowers, Who Mourns For Morn

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I had a bunch of work to do on Friday, distracted by gorgeous weather and various kid-related chores, like picking up Adam from the slumber party he was at watching movies all night and bringing him home to go out to lunch with my father and Daniel. I finished a review of Deep Space Nine's "Who Mourns For Morn" and finished a dorky Barbie jewelry project too. The bunnies were hiding during the day but two of the babies were chasing each other around toward evening.

Adam went to a graduation party in the evening; the rest of us had dinner with my parents, then came home and watched the second half of the Labyrinth miniseries, which would have been rather confusing had I not read the books, since a lot was compressed or left out. Then, since Daniel had not seen it, we watched X-Men: First Class (yes that's twice this week, shut up). Here are some pictures of flowers from Longwood Gardens earlier this spring:

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