July 6th, 2014


Poem for Sunday and Monocacy Battlefield

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On Saturday after the World Cup the four of us went to Monocacy, which is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War battle there on several different farms and along the river. As is often the case with reenactments around here, there seemed to be more Confederate than Union reenactors, and since the events were taking place on national park land, no actual recreations of fighting were permitted, but we got to see cannons being fired, cavalry putting their horses through maneuvers, and infantry demonstrating how to load and fire muskets. (These pics are all of our family there -- will post more next week!)

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The Orioles had already lost the first game of their double-header against the Red Sox by the time we got home (they won the second, thankfully). Paul made (fake and real) chicken with the blueberries we picked last weekend. Then we watched The Wind Rises, which is beautifully animated and very engaging though I don't agree with the people who told me it was Miyazaki's best film; I like the fantasy elements and the allegory of most of his others, I wished there had been more to the female characters, and I had a hard time forgetting what this idealistic Harry Potter lookalike's planes were ultimately used for.