July 18th, 2014

get critical

Poem for Friday and Local Deer

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Thursday arrived with the nicest weather we've had in weeks -- barely 80 degrees, low humidity, some high fluffy clouds -- so I didn't mind that I had to do various chores like exchange the king-size pillow covers I accidentally bought Wednesday instead of full-size pillow covers and get shampoo and conditioner. Then I got to take a walk, where I saw happily munching bunnies right near my house and an entire family of deer in the woods:

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Adam is going on an orientation kayaking trip with other University of Maryland honors students for the weekend, including a high school friend, so on Thursday he got together with a group to hang out (they had planned to make a movie together but I'm not sure if that happened). We had bean enchiladas for dinner, after which Adam went to pack and Paul and I watched Endeavour...I suppose we should watch some Inspector Morse now!