July 19th, 2014


Poem for Saturday, College Park, In the Pale Moonlight

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We spent the afternoon in College Park, where we dropped off Adam for a weekend trip and spent two hours walking around the campus before we picked up Daniel for the weekend. I have finally accomplished my goal of seeing all five publicly displayed Testudo statues! Then we had dinner with my parents and I posted a review of Deep Space Nine's excellent, controversial "In the Pale Moonlight".

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Now that the video is out, we're watching Noah, which Daniel hasn't seen. I understand why a wide range of people think this movie is crack, but some parts are too magnificent for me not to want to watch over and over. And I love that Aronofsky essentially gave Noah the Four Children for his kids -- Shem the wise child, Ham the wicked child, Ila the innocent child, and Japheth the child who does not know how to ask.