July 22nd, 2014

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and UMCP Testudos

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I am extremely overtired from being up extremely late because three teenage boys having a sleepover were extremely loud, so I am fuzzy on the details of my Monday. I did laundry, cleaned up various dishes, and spent a couple of hours working on a jewelry project. Adam and his friends eventually woke up and went out to lunch, came home for a bit, then went out in a different configuration to dinner; I took a walk, since the weather is still lovely though getting hotter, and saw deer and bunnies.

Cheryl was passing by on her way home from the Williamstown Theatre Festival, so I convinced her to get off the highway and come out for Chinese food with us. We had a wonderful dinner at Grand Fusion, then finished my chocolate cheesecake from the night before. She headed on home and Paul and I watched Endeavour, which I didn't realize ended its second season in a cliffhanger (a certain character better not die or I'm not coming back next season)! From Friday in College Park:

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