August 10th, 2014

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Poem for Sunday, Guardians of the Galaxy, ER

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I had a lot of entertainment on Saturday -- we took Daniel to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which Adam had already seen, so he went to SplashDown with friends -- and we finished our evening with some baseball around the first episode of Outlander, which I really enjoyed as well. In between, however, we had some excitement, as Adam cut his chin open climbing onto a slide at the water park and called us as we were stopping at the food store to tell us that the park first aid clinic said he needed stitches when he got home.

So after a quick visit from my parents for a consultation about whether they thought we needed to wait for a plastic surgeon, I took Adam to Suburban Hospital while Paul made dinner with Daniel. Fortunately, the emergency room was very quiet -- only two other patients were there while we were, both sitting up and talking to relatives, which hopefully meant nothing serious -- and son only needed four stitches, which will come out before we go to the beach at the end of next week. Here he is looking his best!

I had read some race-and-gender griping about Guardians on Tumblr and was pleasantly surprised -- still too many heroines-forged-in-victimhood and hooker jokes, but there were people of color who were not blue or green and a Bechdel pass, plus Glenn Close as a planetary leader! As for Outlander, I've never read any of the books (supernatural romance tends to irritate me), but I like the actress playing Claire -- she reminds me a bit of Cate Blanchett -- and apart from some romance-y schlocky dialogue, it was well done.