August 15th, 2014

get critical

Poem for Friday, Good Morning Vietnam, Fair Fun

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I had a very busy Thursday that involved visiting two Home Depots, one post office, one doctor, and one car service place, plus laundry and other exciting chores. Our van's emergency brake light had been coming on at weird times and it turned out that the brake fluid had drained, plus we have to have the bearings on one of the wheels replaced, which we want to get done before traveling anywhere but eesh there's a few hundred bucks we did not want to be spending. The Home Depots were for stain for the deck which son power-washed.

Adam got his stitches out, then went to play tennis with friends, so he must be feeling okay. We all spent the evening watching Good Morning Vietnam, which Adam had not seen at all and I hadn't seen in close to two decades since we only had it on tattered VHS -- tough to watch the suicide joke just a few minutes into the movie, and always tough to watch the war scenes. Williams' improv is brilliant and the rest of the cast, including a couple of others we lost too young, is wonderful. Here are a few more photos from the county fair on Wednesday:

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