August 24th, 2014

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Poem for Sunday and Jurassic Putt

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It poured for pretty much all of Saturday. Adam went to a movie marathon with friends; Daniel (who sprained his knee before we went to the beach) just wanted to rest. So we mostly stayed in and did chores, and I have nothing exciting to report -- I only went out to make some necessary stops and ascertain that the bunnies (well, one bunny) did not mind the ongoing rain. On Sunday, both kids go to College Park -- Daniel for his last full week of work, Adam for an orientation kayaking trip!

We did watch the first Capaldi episode of Doctor Who, which I thought was...well, kind of boring. Moffat's writing staff has never really sold me on Clara's awesomeness, though I like Coleman well enough, and all the cute cameos just didn't engage me, while the gender politics aren't an improvement just because there's no Doctor-Companion flirting (does "wife" always have to mean "devoted ball and chain")? But speaking of dinosaurs, here they are at Jurassic Putt in Nags Head:

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