August 31st, 2014

green little review

Poem for Sunday, Sports, Silly Cat

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We spent most of Saturday doing major chores -- we are planning to rearrange and get some new furniture for Daniel's room, which requires organizing and cleaning Daniel's room, which is a massive project, plus we watched most of the Maryland-JMU game, which Adam attended in College Park and which the Terps won by a very big margin! The Orioles and Nationals won too!

Now we are watching Doctor Who, which we missed when it aired earlier (Zawe Ashton!), because we were out having Indian food at Curry Mantra with my friend Annmarie, who has moved back to the DC area after several years in North Carolina. This is our Renfaire weekend (PA on Sunday, MD on Monday), so I will be mostly gone for the rest of it. Here is Daisy begging for attention: